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The new and easy way to dialyze at home

The novel patient assist device for peritoneal dialysis



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PeriSafe® is a novel patient assist device for the safe and easy connection
in Peritoneal Dialysis. It's addressing the two major complications in PD connection: the infection risk and the complexity of the therapy handling.
PeriSafe® is the first device that connects the transfer set and the dialysis bag system inside of a protected area. The manual contact of the patient with the open transfer set is prevented, and breaking the frangible or clamping the tubes can simply be performed by pushing a button.
How it works
The PeriSafe® system removes the old protective cap and the pullring, connects transfer set and dialysis bag system and guides the patient through the therapy with buttons. The buttons replace the manual breaking of the frangible and the clamping of the dialysis tubes. After the dialysis treatment, the transfer set is deconnected from the dialysis bag system and protected with a new protective cap. All the steps described are performed inside of the protected device.

Push lever to

remove protective cap

Pull lever to




Run therapy

with buttons

Push lever to


Pull lever to put

new protective cap on

Push lever

and unload

PeriTop® disposable with new protective cap (sterile, including Iodine). Protective cap only removable with PeriSafe® device

Therapy guidance by pushing buttons 1-3

(on top of the housing)

Pullring of CAPD or APD Bag

Frangible pin in CAPD dialysis bag tubing

Transfer set (blue) with PeriAdapter® (grey) and protective cap

Button 1: breaks frangible pin and starts flush

Button 2: stops flush and clamps drain bag

Button 3: clamps dialysis bag after therapy

Daily companion

Due to the proper guidance of the patient and the standardized procedure, the therapy becomes more intuitive, and could dispel possible doubts of the patient.

Empower patients

The reliable PeriSafe® assistant device, will take the patients by the hand, and guide them through the therapy. This would allow patients, that are not eligible today, to perform dialysis at home (e.g. visual impairment).

Comfort family care

By reducing the complexity of the therapy, PeriSafe® could also help relatives and nurses in their daily assistance, and provide them with the needed encouragement.

Confident start

PeriSafe® can help patients to familiarize with the therapy process very quickly. This would increase the patient's confidence, and would prevent them from leaving the therapy.

Safe connection

The most delicate therapy step, the manual connection of the transfer set and the dialysis bag system, is performed inside of the protected device. This could lead to an infection decrease.

Easy learning

The standardization and the simplified handling could lead to an easier therapy learning and could reduce the training time for the patient, the relatives and nurses.

Further information

Download more information about the PeriSafe® device.



Report about

Home-Based PD

We will gladly give you more information about the PeriSafe® device also by e-mail or by phone. To contact us, please press the button below.

The Peritoneal Dialysis Infection Diagnostic
Periplex is a simple, 5 minute point-of-care test for home and professional use as an aid to diagnosis of infections in patients receving Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) treatment. The test detects two recognised markers of infection, Matrix MetalloProteinase-8 (MMP-8) and Interleukin-6 (IL-6) in a lateral flow assay using peritoneal dialysate taken from the waste bag.

Early detection will give PD patients warning of an infection, prompting them to seek medical assistance. Early treatment is known to result in better control of infection and helps prevent infection-related damage to the peritoneal membrane.

PERiPLEX® can be used in a variety of situations to provide reassurance to PD patients, particularly for new PD users, or for patients who have previously had peritonitis.

The PERiPLEX technology was developed following a collaborative project with Cardiff University Medical School, funded by the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR).

How it works
Remove test device from foil pouch, and
remove cap from the device
Expose the wick to the waste dialysate
solution until a pink wash appears in the
read window
Remove the device from the fluid and
replace cap. Place device on a flat surface
and read after 5 minutes
Results are easy to interpret. An infection is indicated by the presence of either 2 or 3 lines in the device window. A single control line indicates no infection is present.
Fast result
  • Allows Clinician to make faster decision on treatment

  • Provides quick patient reassurance

  • Allows Clincian to rule out infection and focus on other possible causes

  • Positive result of Dialysate samples (Sensitivity: 98.5%)

  • Negative result of Dialysate samples (Sensitivity: 94.5%)

Ease of use
  • Minimal training required

  • Simple three step test

  • Fits in with standard care pathway of Peritoneal Dialysis


Further information

Download more information about the Periplex® test.




Instruction for Use


Order form

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Ordering information

Peripal AG is official distributor of Mologic for the product Periplex. The product is available from Peripal for the countries Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands.

For all other countries please contact Mologic Ltd. directly at

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