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COVID-19 pandemic represents an opportunity to refine existing models of health care delivery P. 2

At Peripal we came up with a new business approach as a direct response to the current pandemic situation. Something surely under consideration by many companies in these challenging times. We hope it is helpful to share our experiences with you and would be interested to hear back from you about how your company is adjusting to these times.

In ordinary times, at Peripal, we would execute on our mission by enabling home-based dialysis therapy through a medical device. Our enablers are hospitals and dialysis centers focused on peritoneal dialysis. We work with renal specialists and their patients.

What happened?

After receiving our CE mark approval mid 2019 we were quickly hit by the global pandemic. Our journey was impacted, as in person visits to countries and hospitals proved a real struggle and were often impossible. Patient onboarding, which typically involves training of the healthcare professionals on our device, should not be interrupted, because peritoneal dialysis can be an incident that requires immediate action. This led to a major question: How can we continue to train the healthcare professionals and patients?

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