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The novel patient assist device for peritoneal dialysis




The simple and safe way for the connection of peritoneal dialysis patients.
PeriSafe is a novel patient assist device for a safe and easy connection in Peritoneal Dialysis (PD). It's addressing the two major complications in PD connection: the infection risk and the complexity of the therapy handling.
PeriSafe is the first device that connects the transfer set and the Dialysis Bag System inside of a protected area. The manual contact of the patient with the open transfer set is prevented, and breaking the frangible or clamping the tubes can simply be performed by pushing a button.
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Disclaimer: Please note that Peripal products are only available in Europe.

How it works
The PeriSafe system removes the old protective cap and the pull-ring connects the transfer set and Dialysis Bag System and guides the patient through the therapy with buttons. The buttons replace the manual breaking of the frangible and the clamping of the dialysis tubes. After the dialysis treatment, the transfer set is disconnected from the Dialysis Bag System and protected with a new protective cap. All the steps described are performed inside of the protected device.
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For incident patients
For prevalent patients
Further information

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