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Chronic kidney disease is an ongoing journey, unique to every single individual.

The majority of all patients and their family members would prefer therapy in the comfort of their own homes, thereby increasing their quality of life. The risk of infection and increasing age (with all of its associated limitations) however, are some of the reasons why ultimately very few patients choose to perform home dialysis.

About Peripal

This is where our Zurich-based company, Peripal AG, comes in. For us, improving the quality of life of our dialysis patients is at the heart of everything we do. Therefore, we developed our medical device through close collaboration with patients to carefully understand their concerns and address their needs.

With the new PeriSafe® assistant device for Peritoneal Dialysis, moderate dexterity impairment, and many other complications are no longer a handicap to perform PD.

With this, patients can continue their treatment at home, spend more time with family and friends, and benefit from more independence and flexibility in their life.


The novel patient assist device for peritoneal dialysis




PeriSafe patient aid device
The simple and safe way for the connection of peritoneal dialysis patients.
With the PeriSafe device more people will become eligible to perform dialysis at home.
Connecting the transfer set to the dialysis bag system is performed inside the protected device, and the open transfer set and dialysis bag system are never exposed to touch contamination. The patient is guided through the therapy, and by simply pushing the buttons, the frangible is broken and the dialysis tubes are clamped.
PeriSafe is the first device that connects the transfer set and the dialysis bag system inside of a protected area. The manual contact of the patient with the open transfer set is prevented, and breaking the frangible or clamping the tubes can simply be performed by pushing a button.
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Disclaimer: Please note that Peripal products are only available in Europe.

Daily companion

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Due to the proper guidance of the patient and the standardized procedure, the therapy becomes more intuitive and could dispel possible doubts of the patient.

Safe connection

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The most delicate therapy step, the manual connection of the transfer set and the dialysis bag system, is performed inside of the protected device. This could lead to an infection decrease.

Comfort family care

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By reducing the complexity of the therapy, PeriSafe could also help relatives and nurses in their daily assistance, and provide them with the needed encouragement.

How it works
Please contact your physician for more information about Peritoneal Dialysis and PeriSafe.
Further information

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See what types of patients might see a benefit in using this device.

We will gladly give you more information about PeriSafe, the patient aid for home dialysis also by e-mail or by phone. To contact us, please click the button below.

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