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Worldwide about 300 000 peritoneal dialysis patients perform their therapy at home. Each one of them needs to manually connect a catheter to a dialysis product several times a day. About 1 million connections have to be performed every day – more than 300 million connections a year.

Considering the increasing number of elderly dialysis patients, performing a manual connection can be a barrier to home treatment. Impaired dexterity or vision can make the manual connection difficult or impossible and even expose the patient to the risk of an infection when touching sensitive parts of the dialysis tubing system or the catheter connection.


PeriSafe® guides the catheter connection without manual contact with the dialysis tubing and enables more patients to receive their therapy at home. Compared to hospital-based treatment, this would result in considerable healthcare cost reductions worldwide.

Peripal AG is a privately funded start-up from the ETH Zürich and the medtech industry. The team offers a unique combination of product development capabilities, a longstanding experience in the dialysis market, a successful track record of strategy, sales and marketing positions, and an excellent network in the nephrology community.


Allow patients to be treated at home and reduce healthcare costs.


Develop and market support devices, that enable more patients worldwide to stay home and ensure a safe therapy.

CEO, Dr. Sandra Neumann about PeriSafe®

CEO Dr. Sandra Neumann

CEO Dr. Sandra Neumann

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Dr. Sandra Neumann

CEO and Founder

Dr. Jean-Claude Groebli